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Hydra-PF enhanced resin paste flux (REL0) - 50g puck

Hydra-PF enhanced resin paste flux (REL0) - 50g puck

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  • PREMIUM QUALITY: This rosin flux soldering paste is made from virgin materials suitable for manufacturing SMT chemicals. You can trust that the solder will flow smoothly, the joints will be left shiny, and the odor will be mild odor when you choose Handcraft-PF.
  • CLEAN & EFFICIENT: Our soldering iron flux paste is made to be as clean as possible, leaving behind none of the goopy byproducts, white residues, or nasty fumes that are associated with liquid fluxes. Enjoy a clean workspace and a smooth flow of solder, without the mess that other fluxes can produce.
  • VERSATILE USE: You can use this flux for a smoother soldering experience with the larger and smaller elements of circuit boards, electrical wires, and DIY electronics repair. As a lead-free paste, it won’t short components, making it reliable for a variety of soldering tasks. Choose versatility!
  • EASY TO USE: We make this soldering flux paste as smooth as possible, ensuring that it’s super easy to apply your soldering iron tip or the PCB with either a syringe or a wire brush. The smoothness of the paste promotes easy soldering, preventing any oxidation, leading to an efficient repair experience.
  • MADE IN THE USA: All of our products are proudly made right here in the USA, being fully REACH-compliant, with our STIRRI Electrical Flux Paste being no exception. This offers you a competitively priced, responsible choice for your soldering needs that supports manufacturing on US soil.

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